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How many burgers did you get delivered this year? Was that late-night Taco Bell really a one-off? Wrapped for Doordash is here to bring you insightful analytics of your deliveries throughout the year.
Your data is never uploaded to any server, all statistics are generated locally in your browser.

Wrapped for Doordash

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Welcome to Wrapped for DoorDash - Your Personalized Order History Summary:

Ever wonder how your food delivery choices stack up over the year? With Wrapped for DoorDash, delve into a detailed retrospective of your order history, uncovering insights from your favorite cuisines to your most frequented restaurants.

Wrapped for DoorDash allows you to explore a variety of statistics - from the total number of deliveries you’ve had to the average wait time for your orders, and even your top go-to stores for a quick bite or a gourmet meal.

Starting is easy. Simply export your DoorDash order history directly from the app. Go to your profile, select 'Order History', and choose 'Export Order Data'. Once you've downloaded your 'DoorDashOrders.zip', upload it to Wrapped for DoorDash, and we'll whip up your personalized order summary right in your browser.

Your privacy is paramount to us. At Wrapped for DoorDash, your data remains exclusively yours - never uploaded, never shared, securely yours. We ensure transparency in our process: your order data is processed entirely within your browser, never touched or stored by our servers.

For the curious minds, our full source code is available on GitHub. Visit https://github.com/vantezzen/doordash-wrapped to see how Wrapped for DoorDash upholds your data privacy and security.

Wrapped for DoorDash is a project born from a passion for food and technology. It's a unique, engaging, and private way to reflect on your food delivery experiences and culinary journeys over the year.

To add some flavor to your data exploration, you can integrate tunes from Spotify. Enjoy a soundtrack to your stats, enhancing the experience without any need to share your Spotify credentials with us. It's all about celebrating your culinary choices, securely and joyfully.

Embark on a journey with Wrapped for DoorDash and let your food stats tell their story. Join a community where your order history gets a lively twist, offering you a new perspective on your year's culinary adventures.

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